Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weight loss news 03/10/2007 19:52

Weight Loss Helps Obese Pregnant Women (CBS News)
Obese women who gained little or no weight during pregnancy _ and even some who lost weight _ had favorable outcomes, St. Louis researchers have found. They were at lower risk for developing high blood pressure and delivering by cesarean section and more likely to have a normal-weight baby.*http%3A//
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Health Watch: Weight Loss and Hypnosis (FOX 5 Atlanta)
ATLANTA (FOX 5) -- A new book claims the secret to losing weight may be all in your mind. But is it really possible to cure your cravings with hypn...*http%3A//
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Best Weight-loss Plans For Heart Health Identified (Science Daily)
Popular weight-loss plans vary significantly in their ability to positively affect heart health according to new research. The Ornish, Weight Watchers High Carbohydrate and New Glucose Revolution plans scored highest when measured by the Alternate Healthy Eating Index.*http%3A//
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Chicago Sun-Times - Weight loss surgery on the rise
August 26, 2007 -- An increasing number of people are having weight-loss surgeries, mostly gastric-bypass operations: SOURCE: Surveys of surgeons by the American ...
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Independent on Sunday, The - And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid [Derived
September 2, 2007 -- And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid: the Diet Fork. This is a plastic fork with "shorter and duller teeth inhibiting the user from ...
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Toyo introduces flower extract for weight loss (
10/3/2007 - Japanese ingredient company Toyo Bio-Pharma has introduced branded Puer flower extract as an ingredient for weight management in the US.*http%3A//
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Shed excess weight, wealth with "Loser" brand (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
NBC's weight-loss competition "The Biggest Loser" got off to a solid start in its fourth installment this fall, quickly earning a fifth-cycle pickup.*http%3A//
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Weight Loss The Right Way (The Post-Journal)
10/3/2007 - Weight loss is at the top of many people’s to do lists. Do it right this time. ¯ Track progress over time not daily. Body weight fluctuates from day to day due to fluid loss and retention, so look for small weekly changes.*http%3A//
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Diabetes and Primary Care - Weight loss delays the onset of pharmacological treatment in type 2 diabetes
September 22, 2007 -- Type 2 diabetes is the result of a combination of [beta]-cell failure and insulin resistance; however, the metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin ...
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Business Wire - L A Weight Loss Puts Thirteen Hundred Journalists to the Test
September 24, 2007 -- Journalists Are Challenged to Pick the Healthier Snack in a National Taste Test HORSHAM, Pa. -- More than 1,300 journalists across America received ...
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