Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weight loss news 11/10/2007 07:38

Independent on Sunday, The - And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid [Derived
September 2, 2007 -- And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid: the Diet Fork. This is a plastic fork with "shorter and duller teeth inhibiting the user from ...
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Weightcircles Upgrades Website for Healthy Weight Loss Community (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)
Weightcircles, Inc. announces the release of a new Web 2.0 design for its healthy weight loss community, www.*http%3A//
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Weight Loss Expert Says Don't Do What Celebrities Do (PRWeb)
"Don't do what celebrities do when it comes to weight loss," is the message from board certified hypnotist and weight loss expert, Tom Nicoli. Nicoli has developed, "Not Another Diet," a simple, effective weight loss CD set, to help people avoid the traps of ineffective weight loss programs tied to celebrity endorsements. Nicoli's weight loss CDs are ranked 5 of 5 stars by Harvard professor ...*http%3A//
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The - Sam Carchidi | Haddon Twp. impressive, even in loss
September 19, 2007 -- Based on the season's first two weeks, Haddon Township has one South Jersey's most improved football programs. The Hawks have split their ...
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Weightcircles Upgrades Website for Healthy Weight Loss Community (PRWeb)
Weightcircles, Inc. announces the release of a new Web 2.0 design for its healthy weight loss community, www. The new site replaces the alpha site which has been online since Jan 1, and provides greater interactivity for members. Since combating obesity has become a national focus, attention has turned towards support communities like Weightcircles, which have shown ...*http%3A//
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Shape - Lose 44 pounds a year … at work
October 1, 2007 -- It sounds unbelievable, but a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that if overweight people used an electronic stepping device, like the one shown here, for two hours a
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Better Nutrition - Diabetes can count in chromium: what do elevated blood sugar levels, depression, and excess weight have in common? They all may improve with supplements
September 1, 2007 -- Chromium, an essential dietary mineral, plays a central role in how the body uses insulin to burn sugars, carbs, fats, and proteins for energy. Because ...
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FTC targets spammers hawking weight-loss products (InfoWorld)
An international enterprise must stop sending unsolicited e-mail advertising human growth hormone (HGH) and weight-loss products using the hoodia gordonii plant under a court order obtained by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. A judge in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, has ordered the group, including Spear Systems of Wyoming and ...*http%3A//
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Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - Take some baby steps toward weight loss, better health
September 27, 2007 -- Last week on the FLY Show -- FlyLady, Leanne and You -- we had a repeat call from Samantha who has been battling her body clutter. Samantha was giving ...
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Diabetes and Primary Care - Weight loss delays the onset of pharmacological treatment in type 2 diabetes
September 22, 2007 -- Type 2 diabetes is the result of a combination of [beta]-cell failure and insulin resistance; however, the metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin ...
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