Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weight loss news 26/10/2007 00:14

Raiders kicker Janikowski credits weight loss for betters numbers (The San Francisco Examiner)
ALAMEDA, Calif. ( Map , News ) - Sebastian Janikowski wanted to end all the criticism about his weight and kicking power. In one fell swoop, the Raiders' kicker accomplished both tasks.*http%3A//
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Study Results Reveal Alli(R) Patient Satisfaction Linked To Weight Loss Achieved; Not Treatment Effects (Medical News Today)
Data presented at the 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of NAASO, The Obesity Society, found that patient satisfaction with alli(R) (orlistat 60mg), the only FDA- approved, over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss product, was connected to the product's effectiveness in helping them lose weight, and not to potential gastrointestinal (GI) treatment effects. [click link for full article]*http%3A//
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Vet's Corner: Reducing stress before and during marketing lowers livestock weight loss and shrink (Tri-State Neighbor)
Hopefully producers have already selected the means of marketing their calves. Now they must prepare to minimize weight loss during marketing or shrink.*http%3A//
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Shape - A new definition of success: I'm gradually learning that the number on the scale isn't the only way to measure my progress
October 1, 2007 -- On New Year's Day I set a goal of getting down to 125 pounds--what I weighed on my wedding day 14 years ago. As I close in on that number and the weight ...
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USA TODAY - Financial incentives can encourage weight loss, research finds
September 11, 2007 -- Money motivates people to slim down. Overweight employees who were paid a small amount lost more weight than those who weren't compensated for their ...
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Hispanics and African Americans are less likely to use commercial weight loss programs (News-Medical-Net)
A new analysis of a landmark weight loss survey suggests that Hispanics and African Americans are more likely than whites to use unproven dietary supplements for weight loss.*http%3A//
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Twin Cities Doc Finds Weight Loss Key: Drops 120lb (WCCO Minneapolis/St. Paul)
When Dr. Chris Balgobin was telling his patients to lose weight, he acknowledges, he didn't have a lot of credibility. Balgobin had a size 50 waist and he weighed 303 pounds.*http%3A//
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Oakland Tribune - Berkeley council in weight loss contest
October 1, 2007 -- BERKELEY -- City Councilmember Darryl Moore said he's been on the egg diet, the cabbage diet and the protein shake diet without much luck. A scale ...
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Pharma industry faces weight-loss drugs challenge (Financial Times)
As the threat of an obesity crisis preoccupies policymakers and politicians alike, the pharmaceutical industry has been seeking to benefit via a range of prescription weight-loss medicines.*http%3A//
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Sales Are Strong for Glaxo?s Weight-Loss Product (New York Times)
Desperate for a cure for fat, consumers have purchased more than two million starter packages of the new weight-loss product Alli since it launched four months ago.*http%3A//
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