Monday, October 15, 2007

Weight loss news 15/10/2007 17:25

Perryton Weight Loss Seminar (KFDA-TV Amarillo)
You can learn more about the secrets to permanent weight loss at a seminar in Perryton today.*http%3A//
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Shape - Lose 44 pounds a year … at work
October 1, 2007 -- It sounds unbelievable, but a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that if overweight people used an electronic stepping device, like the one shown here, for two hours a
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Better Nutrition - Diabetes can count in chromium: what do elevated blood sugar levels, depression, and excess weight have in common? They all may improve with supplements
September 1, 2007 -- Chromium, an essential dietary mineral, plays a central role in how the body uses insulin to burn sugars, carbs, fats, and proteins for energy. Because ...
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Shape - A new definition of success: I'm gradually learning that the number on the scale isn't the only way to measure my progress
October 1, 2007 -- On New Year's Day I set a goal of getting down to 125 pounds--what I weighed on my wedding day 14 years ago. As I close in on that number and the weight ...
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HealthDay - Weight Loss Can Control Hypertension
September 28, 2007 -- An Italian study has identified overweight as a direct cause of high blood pressure. And it also showed that up to half of overweight people can bring ...
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Death risks high after weight loss surgery -study (AlertNet)
Source: Reuters By Michael Conlon CHICAGO, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Patients who undergo weight-loss stomach surgery have a higher death rate than is true for the general population, including more suicides, perhaps ...*http%3A//
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Studies Examine Life After Weight-Loss Surgery (KOLD News 13 Tuscon)
MONDAY, Oct. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Coronary heart disease and suicide helped fuel the rise in the risk of death among patients after weight-loss surgery,...*http%3A//
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Psychiatric Woes Can Postpone Weight-Loss Surgery (
Copyright © 2007 ScoutNews, LLC . All rights reserved. MONDAY, Oct. 15 (HealthDay News) -- About one in every five people who were candidates for bariatric weight-loss surgery did not receive the recommended psychiatric clearance for the procedure, a U.S. study shows.*http%3A//
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Vet's Corner: Reducing stress before and during marketing lowers livestock weight loss and shrink (Tri-State Neighbor)
Hopefully producers have already selected the means of marketing their calves. Now they must prepare to minimize weight loss during marketing or shrink.*http%3A//
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Independent on Sunday, The - And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid [Derived
September 2, 2007 -- And now comes news of America's latest weight-loss aid: the Diet Fork. This is a plastic fork with "shorter and duller teeth inhibiting the user from ...
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