Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weight loss news 18/10/2007 00:07

Death risks high after weight loss surgery: study (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Patients who undergo weight-loss stomach surgery have a higher death rate than is true for the general population, including more suicides, perhaps linked to depression, researchers said on Monday.*http%3A//
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Pre-bariatric surgery weight loss helpful (UPI)
Obese patients who lose up to 10 percent of body weight before bariatric surgery have more rapid postoperative weight loss, a U.S. study found.*http%3A//
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Diabetes and Primary Care - Weight loss delays the onset of pharmacological treatment in type 2 diabetes
September 22, 2007 -- Type 2 diabetes is the result of a combination of [beta]-cell failure and insulin resistance; however, the metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin ...
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Philadelphia Inquirer, The - Sam Carchidi | Haddon Twp. impressive, even in loss
September 19, 2007 -- Based on the season's first two weeks, Haddon Township has one South Jersey's most improved football programs. The Hawks have split their ...
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Weight Loss Before Bariatric Surgery Linked To Shorter Hospital Stay, Faster Weight Loss (Science Daily)
High-risk morbidly obese patients who lose 5 to 10 percent of their excess body weight before undergoing gastric bypass surgery appear to have shorter hospital stays and more rapid postoperative weight loss, according to a new report.*http%3A//
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Oakland Tribune - Berkeley council in weight loss contest
October 1, 2007 -- BERKELEY -- City Councilmember Darryl Moore said he's been on the egg diet, the cabbage diet and the protein shake diet without much luck. A scale ...
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Studies Examine Life After Weight-Loss Surgery (HealthDay via Yahoo! News)
MONDAY, Oct. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Coronary heart disease and suicide helped fuel the rise in the risk of death among patients after weight-loss surgery, a new study finds.*http%3A//
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Psychiatric Woes Can Postpone Weight-Loss Surgery (HealthDay via Yahoo! News)
MONDAY, Oct. 15 (HealthDay News) -- About one in every five people who were candidates for bariatric weight-loss surgery did not receive the recommended psychiatric clearance for the procedure, a U.S. study shows.*http%3A//
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Shape - Lose 44 pounds a year … at work
October 1, 2007 -- It sounds unbelievable, but a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that if overweight people used an electronic stepping device, like the one shown here, for two hours a
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HealthDay - Maintenance Treatment Helps Kids Keep Weight Off
October 9, 2007 -- Maintenance treatment programs might help children who've lost weight keep it off, new research suggests. However, the study also found that the effect ...
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